1. Do not post offensive content on any of our services. Offensive content includes any content likely to offend people based on their race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

2. No Spam or posting off topic
Do not double post on a topic, modify your post if you need to add something. Also, don't quote a previous post without adding something meaningful. Quoting someone else's post and posting it again will not be allowed, the Suggestion and Off Topic boards are the exceptions to this rule.

3. Do not advertise other servers.

4. Do not provide links to cheat programs or illegal modifications

5. No adult or offensive content
Do not post videos or pictures of content like pornography, animal cruelty, violence, terrorism, death etc.

6. Do not use offensive or inappropriate nicknames.

7. No fights or harassment
Argue a point in a respectful manner ( Do not provoke, insult or disrespect other members).

8. Boosting your statistics is not allowed.

9. No backseat moderating
If you see someone breaking the forum rules click 'Report to moderator' and let them deal with it, you don't have to get involved.

10. Create topics at their right place and forum section.

11. Follow any rules posted in forum sections as threads.

12. Do not create alternative forum accounts, you must use only one.

13. Do not double-post or triple-post. Use the edit button located below your post.

14. Do not post mature or pornographic material on the forum.

15. Do not post illegal download links on the forum.

16. Your avatar and signature must fit the correct sizes and not stretch the forum.

17.  Refrain from putting politically related material in your signature or in your posts. This is not the place to discuss or share your political views/beliefs.

18. No posting useless polls without a valid reason.

19. Use polls accordingly, do not use them as your default way of starting a new topic;

These rules are subject to change at any given moment. Updates made to this topic are announced in the form of a new reply.