1. No hacking / cheating- Do not use third-party modifications. You cannot use modifications such as hacking programs or s0beit mods to gain an advantage in-game.

2 Do not use ANY cheats or game modifications such as CLEO or Parkour.

3. Do not annoy players or admins.

4. No /q jokes, do not trick players into typing the /q command.

5. Do not use ANY commands to avoid death during a fight.

6. Spamming / advertising other servers
Advertising other servers will end up in a ban

7. If an Admin fails to reply to a ban appeal within 3 days, the management will decide.

8. Do not go AFK in the event.

9. Do not use Slide Bug in the event.

10. Do not use any kind of animation commands to prevent death.

11. You cannot multi account.

12. Do not exploit/abuse bugs. You cannot use loopholes in the script such as bugs to gain an advantage.

13. Respect the server's players and administrators. You cannot insult or disrespect them on the forum, in-game or on other server related locations.

14. Spawn killing is not allowed.

15. Ban evading is strictly forbidden
Joining the server after being banned, or joining the server before a tempban on you has expired will result in you being permanently banned from the event on sight.

16. No pausing during play time.
Pausing to AFK, which may stop your character from being killed is not allowed. If you must AFK please leave the server and return when you are ready to play. (Pausing to avoid death is also forbidden, if caught doing this it may result in a warning, a kick, or possibly a temporary ban)

17. No asking for administration privileges

18. No account (data) selling / sharing / stealing


-If you continuously harass a player through PM, main chat or any other source of messaging, and they or an Administrator have told you to stop, you may be punished for insulting, abusing or harassing that player.

-If you continuously mention a rulebreaker through main chat, you may be punished for disrupting administration as this often makes a rulebreaker stop his actions and therefore evade punishment.

-Joking about breaking any of the rules may lead to a punishment as well.